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Quality veranda decking

Top Choice Deck Guys is committed to offering you with quality veranda decking so that you can have the ability make your outdoor living spaces beautiful without worrying about using wood. Our ascent as a top supplier of such decking materials can be attributed to our passion to ensure quality products to our clients, affordable prices, timely deliveries and cooperative customer care department. Call us at 888-739-5110 to learn how our products can improve the look and feel of your outdoor spaces.

Affordable pricing

Despite the superiority of our products, we have to keep our pricing at affordable levels for all our clients. This is because Top Choice Deck Guys Veranda decking wishes to make it easy for every client to have the pleasure of having these high quality materials so that you can no longer rely on wood for your veranda.

Superior customer support

At Top Choice Deck Guys, we literally take the customers as kings and due this, we accord nothing but royalty treatment to all our clients. Whether you need advice on the best type of veranda decking to install or you want various customization options, you can rely on our efficient and welcoming customer care department to deliver just that. You can always get us at 888-739-5110 whenever you need any assistance with any of our products.

Fire resistant veranda decking

You will be pleased to learn that the veranda decking offered by us are fire resistant and therefore you will never have to worry about your veranda catching fire. In case of a fire outbreak, the technology used in designing and manufacturing the decks is such that they are self extinguishing hence will automatically put out the fire without any input from you. Those who have installed wooden veranda decking can only hope for such a superior quality.

Scratch resistant surfaces

It will impress you to learn that Top Choice Deck Guys veranda decking have scratch resistant surfaces and will maintain their original looks for decades to come. Additionally, they don’t fade even when under intense sunshine hence you don’t have to bother yourself with painting them each and every time summer is over. All you have to do is to simply install them and enjoy their enduring beauty.

Insect and termite resistant

Insects and termites are common nuisance when it comes to wooden veranda. If you are currently faced with such a problem or you wish to avoid it completely, veranda decking from us presents you with the best alternative. With these, you don’t have to worry about your veranda getting infested by termites or insects since they are termite and insect resistant.

Compliance with National Fire Protection Guidelines

Our products are not only fire resistant but they have been designed in compliance with the National Fire Protection Standards. During their manufacture, all the guidelines as stipulated by the fire protection standards have all been observed. They are therefore safe in the sense that they can’t and will never act as a fire accelerant like in the case of wood.

Talk to us

If you need these super verandas decking, kindly place a call at 888-739-5110 and we will be glad to present you with high quality veranda decking that you will enjoy using for a long time.

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